Custom Orthotics

What are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are prescribed medical insoles or inserts for your shoes that improve foot function (biomechanics) and alignment for specific foot conditions. It has been shown that incorrect alignment, balance and function of your feet can lead to foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain and lower back pain1–3. Therefore, when addressing both foot, leg and lower back function in relation to certain musculoskeletal pain conditions, your feet may play a significant role in both the pain itself nd therefore your recovery. Here at Spriggs Chiropractic, we know how important your feet are when trying to managing such musculoskeletal conditions and improving physical function.

There are typically two type of orthotic devices. The first are what are known as ‘pre-fabricated’ or ‘pre-fab’. These are the types anyone can purchase from shelves in shops or online. While these can be helpful, they are generic and not necessarily made for specific foot conditions. These may help some people with certain conditions, they are not prescribed for your needs. The other type is custom made, meaning they are made specifically for you and your needs. Here at Spriggs Chiropractic, we offer custom made orthotics that are available with a variety of options.

Who Needs Custom Orthotics?

Foot health is an important part of your overall health, physical function and performance.  Incorrect foot biomechanics can have an impact on a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including back pain! That’s why here at Spriggs Chiropractic, we offer bespoke, custom made orthotics to those patients who require them.

Our custom orthotics are produced and manufactured using 3D scanning technology to make sure they are the perfect fit for you and your needs. Using the 3D scanner, we can perform our assessment quickly and easily without any fuss. Together with an assessment of your foot health and biomechanics, we tailor your orthotics to your individual needs. Common conditions and types of foot pain include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis (Arch Pain)
  • Flat Feet/Fallen Arches
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain)
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Spurs such as heel spurs

Our Custom Orthotics

Using 3D scanning and printing technology, we offer high quality, lightweight and durable products to suit a variety of foot conditions. These can be used in a wide range of different shoe types depending on your lifestyle. With their ease of removal from your shoes allows for no fuss placement into your different pairs of shoes. Materials from soft foam for sensitive feet including diabetics, to more rigid materials such as carbon fibre.


Our range of custom orthotics include:


3D Printed Range

Our 3D printed orthotics allow for a product that is high quality and durable. The 3D printed range provides new options to reduce of increase rigidity in specific areas for added support or to reduce weight. Arch reinforcements, wedges and posts as per your prescription can be added directly to the shell, reducing the thickness of the product.

Versatility Range

This range of orthotics includes a casual line appropriate for daily activities including men’s and women’s walking shoes, work boots, lace-up or slip-on casual footwear and even hiking boots.

Moda Range

With their slim shell and options for narrow style, the Moda range are great for most women’s slip-on and dress shoes with heels under 1 inch in height.

Performance Range

The full length and width shell designs and options, our performance range of orthotics are designed to provide support with stiffness and rigidity to allow for maximum control and athletic performance. This range can be covered with anti-slip materials for confidence in the shoe and leatherettes to make the top surface last as long as possible. Great for football and rugby boots, or lighter shoes such as tennis shoes.


Flopthotics are custom made flip-flops that are designed and manufactured using your 3D foot scans. The top surface of the flopthotic is moulded to fit your foot needs for correcting poor alignment and function. Now you don’t have to worry about what type of footwear you desire to use on a hot summer’s day. Our flopthotics will keep your feet in the correct alignment and provide the functional stability your feet need, even in comfortable flip-flops!

Our flopthotics can also be manufactured to accommodate anatomically short legs by having one thicker than the other. Now you don’t have to worry about taking your heel lifts with you on holiday.


For more information on our products, visit here or book an appointment here.


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