Category: Alternative Therapy

Obesity and Back Pain

Obesity and back pain, are they related? The simplest answer is yes, excessive body mass increases loads on the spine leading to excessive stress and strain on the tissues and joints of the low back. The effects of mechanical loads and forces on the spine is something that has...

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Patient Referrals for Diagnostic Imaging

Patient referrals for diagnostic imaging and further testing can be difficult of private practice healthcare professionals. Who do you trust with your patients? Who has what equipment/facilities for diagnostics? What are the costs involved? And who pays for this service? Are you a healthcare provider in Newbury or West...

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Spriggs Nutrition Launch!

We are so very excited and proud to announce the launch of Spriggs Nutrition. This is a fantastic addition to the Spriggs Wellness Group and will be operating out of the same clinic space as Spriggs Chiropractic in Newbury. Our Registered Nutritional Therapist Helen Fletcher is now seeing patients’...

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