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Workstation Ergonomics Life Hacks

Workstation ergonomics is a huge topic of discussion that can be confusing for many. The reason for all the confusion is simply that workstation ergonomics is not an exact science. By this I mean that work station ergonomics takes into consideration everything from the desk, the chair, the amount...

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Happy Third Birthday to Spriggs Chiropractic & Nutrition!

Happy Third Birthday to Spriggs Chiropractic & Nutrition! February marks three years since our grand opening, and in this post, I will be looking back over these amazing three years and letting you in on our secret plans for the years to come. From our humble beginnings We first...

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Walking Away from Your Back Pain

Walking away from your back pain isn’t something we say flippantly. Walking is something that many of us take for granted until it is taken away, either temporarily through injuries to our legs or episodes of back pain. Or it can be taken away from us permanently from severe...

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