We are very thorough here at Spriggs Chiropractic. Ahead of your initial consultation, you will be asked to complete your new patient intake form, this is done online via a dedicated link. In addition we may ask you to complete health status questionnaires, to help give your chiropractor an accurate understanding of your health and your complaint. Your consultation will last approximately 60-90minutes depending on the complexity of your case and will include a full history of your complaint, full physical and neurological examination, postural analysis and x-rays will be taken if required.

Analysis of your case and x-rays takes time, so to give you the highest standard of care, your Report of Findings appointment will be booked within a day or two of your initial consultation. At your Report of Findings, your case and x-rays will be discussed through with you and recommended care options presented. Your treatment will commence at this appointment once care options have been given.

  • Remote Triage session:      £35
  • Initial Consultation:           £80
  • X-rays:                                £100*
  • Report of Findings:            Included in fees for initial consultation
  • Chiropractic Standard Treatment:                                                                £50
  • Prescription Rehabilitation Exercise Sessions:                                            from £30
  • Chiropractic Rehabilitation Session (inc exercises, treatment & traction): £65

Other services are also available including;

For anyone who may be unsure if Chiropractic is the right thing for you, we offer a free of charge mini consultation. These appointments are 10 minutes in length and give you an opportunity to discuss your presenting complaint with a Doctor of Chiropractic. We will then inform you if we may be able to help with your complaint and a full consultation can be made following this appointment.

*If clinically required – if you have had imaging previously e.g. x-rays or MRI please let us know.

(NB there will be no physical examination or treatment at a mini consultation)

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