Welcome to Spriggs Chiropractic’s First Blog Entry!

We are so happy that you have taken the time to read this blog. The aim of the blog is to keep you up-to-date with what is happening here at Spriggs Chiropractic, what events we have going on, what news we have regarding the clinic and anything else that you may find interesting. I want this first entry to be all about getting to know us as the directors of Spriggs Chiropractic and what we are all about.

Mark SpriggsFirst off, my name is Mark Spriggs, I am one of the directors of Spriggs Chiropractic Ltd and I am the Chief Chiropractor of the company. I became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2010 after graduating from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. Since then I gained my years of clinical experience through working in clinics in London and for the largest chiropractic company in Europe. I am all about the science of chiropractic, which is why I am one of only a hand full of chiropractors in the UK who is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). It is the most evidence-based technique with over 150 published research articles in the peer-reviewed literature. These can all be found on PubMed and in their respective published research journals. I will be using them as references in future blog posts so everyone may enjoy reading them at your own leisure. Nothing like a bit of good bedtime reading is there?

Not many members of the public or in the medical profession for that matter realise that there are different techniques within chiropractic. But just as there are different surgical techniques, dental techniques and medical techniques, chiropractic is the same. The difference between them for me is the research and evidence supporting their use in clinical practice. I make all my clinical decisions for my patients’ based on the evidence in the published literature; this is who I am and what I want Spriggs Chiropractic Ltd to be all about. It may not suit every clinician out there, but I think it should. I hope to publish some books discussing some topics that I feel the public and the Chiropractic Profession, as a whole needs to hear. Keep an eye out on this blog for when these will be published, I will let you know, as I am sure everyone will enjoy reading them.

Helen FletcherI would also like to take the opportunity to introduce my business partner and fiancée Helen Fletcher. She is a fundamental part of the business for three main reasons; firstly we are a team and together motivate and challenge each other. Secondly, she has a head for business with more than 15 successful years in retail and commercial sales, business development and management – Spriggs Chiropractic is a far stronger entity with Helen jointly at the helm. Finally, she is, on top of everything else in her final year of training to be Nutritional Therapist. This is an additional service we will be offering in the clinic later in 2017. As a result of all this she inevitably will have plenty to contribute to blogs and additional support for patients in the clinic.

Spriggs Chiropractic Ltd was founded with its main driver and philosophy being evidence/research. The clinic has been designed to provide a standardised method of care (CBP protocols), so all clinical decisions are based firmly on the evidence. Thus allowing the company to contribute towards publishing case reports, case series and other research from the clinic. We will be one of even fewer clinics in the UK who are actively involved in publishing research, and providing standardised care to patients, achieving repeatable outcomes.

As a result of this, when a new patient is accepted into the clinic, the initial consultation is very thorough and detailed. The patient is asked to fill out multiple outcome assessment questionnaires and is taken through a thorough examination with posture pictures and potentially x-rays. This provides the clinician with a lot of information about the your health status. This information also provides us with objective outcomes that can now be measured during your plan of management/treatment plan. In addition all of the data, once collected, can then be analysed and published as research in the form a case report, case series, retrospective analysis and if we get approved, randomised clinical control trials (RTC’s).

All of this gets Helen and I very excited about the future of our company. To be able to combine Chiropractic and Nutritional Therapy in a clinic trial or together as part of a multi disciplinary plan of management for a patient is a rare approach in the UK, and as a result the possibilities are endless. We are very excited to help as many people as we can. We all have our own personal and professional goals and makers for success but for us, this is where the excitement is and puts us on the path for what we believe is successful approach and a dream come true for us both!

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