In-Clinic X-rays (from £100)

As part of our services, we utilise digital x-rays when clinically required at Spriggs Chiropractic. This allows us to assess your spinal health in great detail and allows us to diagnose patients with pathology that may be the cause of your complaint or may alter how we can approach your care. Together with your physical examination, the x-rays provide an objective measure of your overall spinal health and the most appropriate approach to proceed with treatment or referral to another health care provider. Whilst we understand there is a anatomical variation within the spinal alignment of individuals, there is however a normal range and what could be considered normal for you! With cutting edge measuring tools and measurements, we can assess your spine for what is optimal for you and aim to use corrective chiropractic care to improve your spinal health and function.

We operate within the standards of care provided by the IR(ME)R Guidelines and the iRefer Guidelines of the Royal College of Radiologists for clinical practice for those who may be concerned about x-rays. We also offer x-ray referrals for other local healthcare providers such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapists and other chiropractors. Give us a call on 01635 432383 for more information about referring for patients to us for this service.

Private X-ray Referrals

Are you a healthcare provider without easy access to diagnostic imaging for your patients? Have you had difficulties getting your patients imaged when they are required? Do you want easy access to advanced diagnostic imaging?

We offer a fast and easy method of getting your patients access to diagnostic x-rays in Newbury. Our clinic has state of the art digital x-rays facilities that we believe everyone should have access to. This allows you and your patients to avoid the NHS waiting lists and other potential delays in accessing x-ray services.

X-rays are a accessible and cost effective option for many patients’ suffering with musculoskeletal pain. These investigations can help answer your questions and concerns about potential/past trauma, inflammatory arthropathies, chronic pain, ‘red flag’ symptoms and those patients who may have failed conservative or manual therapies elsewhere. If you have patients who are not responding well to manual therapies or have a previous history of cancer, then easy access to x-ray may aid in your diagnosis and further management or referral.

Simply download and fill out the referral form pdf file on this page and email it to and we will contact the patient directly to make the appointment. All charges for this service are chargeable to the patient directly.

X-ray Referral Form

Standard charge for this service is £180 which includes:

  • Physical examination
  • X-rays
  • Report (biomechanical report/assessment provided for spinal projections only)
  • Two CDs with the x-rays in HD quality with software for your own analysis
  • A 20-minute phone or skype call with the reporting clinician if required

(NB It is deemed by the IRMER17 and IRR17 guidelines that the final clinical decision regarding the justification of x-ray exposure is reserved for the practicing physician/Spriggs Chiropractic & Nutrition Ltd. If the x-ray is deemed unnecessary by the practicing physician, the charge for this appointment will not include any diagnostic imaging costs and no imaging will be obtained.)

Body Parts we can Image:

  • Spinal x-rays (including regional or full spine for those with scoliosis)
  • Upper extremity
  • Lower Extremity
  • Abdomen

Regions of the body can be specified on the referral form or by phone. Additional projections such as dynamic views (flexion/extension of the cervical spine) can also be requested.

Referrals for Advanced Imaging

If it deemed that the patient requires further or advanced diagnostic imaging, we can act as medical referral for CT, MRI and ultrasound should these be required. These will be discussed with the referring clinician and advice or access to these services can be provided to the patient when required.



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