Spinal and Exercise Rehabilitation (£30-£65)


The clinic is designed in a specific way providing access to functional rehabilitation equipment. One-to-one prescribed exercises sessions with your chiropractor are available, as well as targeted exercise forming part of chiropractic rehabilitation sessions. Examples of exercises include; postural exercises, core stabilising exercises, proprioceptive/balance and coordination exercises, joint stretching and strengthening exercises.

Our focus is on your whole body, not just the injured area.

Structural rehab services offered include the use of in clinic and home spinal remodelling techniques. Spinal remodelling simply involves applying a sustained load to the spine in any given direction. Spinal remodelling is used to aid structural rehabilitation of the spine to restore the natural curves of the spine which has been shown to improve pain and function13-15. There are many different ways to rehabilitate the spine following an injury or episodes of pain. At Spriggs Chiropractic we utilise specialised spinal adjustment tables, tools with specific exercise and traction equipment to strengthen your spine. This also includes whole body vibration. Your prescribed exercises are tailored to your individual needs following the findings from our examination and x-rays.

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