What to Expect

You can expect the very best!

The first steps are right here at your fingertips. Simply give us a call to book your initial consultation. It is important for to us that your health assessment is full and detailed, so there will be no treatment at this initial visit to the clinic. Until your health status and any diagnostic tests performed are reviewed fully and your individual care plan has been created; treatment cannot commence. Therefore along with your initial visit to the clinic, your report appointment will also be booked so this process will happen as quickly as possible.

It is very important that if you wish to use any private medical insurance for your care, that you have this information ready before your first appointment. This is so that care can commence swiftly with no delay. Spriggs Chiropractic is registered with major medical insurers including AXA/PPP, Aviva, Cigna, Vitality among others. Please check with your provider first if chiropractic care is covered under your policy. We are no longer working with Bupa. 

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Upon arrival at our clinic, our warm, welcoming clinic assistants will guide you into the reception area where your will be able to see all the clinic while you wait for your Doctor of Chiropractic. If you have not already done so via our online forms, you will be asked to fill out your patient intake form and some simple questionnaires about your presenting complaint. We are very thorough here at Spriggs Chiropractic, so the more information about your health you provide us, the better we can understand you and your health status/needs.

Your initial consultation is very detailed and will last approximately 60-90minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

This is our first chance to meet you, finding out what your goals are for visiting us and discovering the root of the complaint is of vital importance. Establishing what is causing your dysfunction, what drives your pain and the negative affect on your life and those around you, will help us work with you to develop a plan of management and the path to achieving your health goals.

During the appointment, you can expect to go through:

  • Health History
  • Postural Examination – using Posture Screen Pro
  • Physical Examination – including palpation and touching of the affected areas of your spine/body
  • Neurological Examination – such as testing your reflexes & checking sensations
  • X-ray Examination (if required) – Using state of the art diagnostic equipment

If you have previously had relevant diagnostic imaging such as x-rays elsewhere, MRI or CT scans we ask you to provide copies of the images for review – our clinicians are trained to read and interpret these, our principle Chiropractor Dr Mark Spriggs also has an MSc in Enhanced Diagnostic Imaging. These diagnostic images can help inform the most appropriate care strategies for you specifically. If you don’t have copies, but do know where and when the images we taken, we can work with you to obtain copies. 


At your Report Appointment (included in initial consultation fee), we will discuss with you the findings of your examination and the results of your x-rays (if taken). This then leads us into the discussion about your care needs, how we will progress forward with addressing the areas effected and what your body needs to do in order to feel and work as well as possible. It is at this appointment when you commence with treatment, if you so wish and appropriate to do so.

Your can find more details of our fees here.